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*It's Been a While...* [Monday
July 31st
Hey everyone! :)

I'm still alive and kicking. Working at Aflac! ;) It's treating me very well.

Life is good. Nothing ceases to amaze me anymore. It's like everything is falling into place right where it needs to be!

No pieces of the puzzle of my life are missing. So- thus is good. ;)

I have my Microsoft Office 2003 Specialist test today. I'm not too terribly concerned to tell the truth.

We start Medical Terminology today- I'm really excited about that! :) I <3 Medical Terminology!

Then after this week we start On-The-Job Training at the Call Center with Sam Roberson.

Gotta run!
101 . Butterflies Are Free

May 4th
[ mood | artistic ]

Starting today I officially work at AFLAC!

However, I don't start training until July 10th! ;)

I passed all of my tests, and will be working in the Customer Service Call Center, thanks to Margaret's daughter Stephanie Dail who is an I.T. Manager at AFLAC! ;)

I can't wait! Comeon July--- that way I can say, "Walmart, take your ugly blue vest and SHOVE IT!!!!!!! "


I was so afraid that I wouldn't pass my tests... but the lady said I did very well! ;)

101 . Butterflies Are Free

April 18th
As stated earlier- I won't be using this journal much anymore.

Life has been busy, hectic and crazy.

I have an "in" at AFLAC. I'm still at Wal-Mart for now, but I just got sent an e-mail to send my resume' thru AFLAC.COM which I already sent to my "In" Stephanie Dail (*I.T. Manager*)... She told me to email her when I did... And I have... so now all I gotta do is wait for the big white duck to give me a call.

I'm excited...and a little scared. If I get this- it would be a HUGE move for me. AFLAC is AMAZING! Nothing I've ever done- even work at Disney would compare. Everything else up to this point has been a job. If I get a position at AFLAC- It would be a CAREER.

AFLAC takes care of you too. I need some AFLAC in my life! lol.

I'm sure if I do get a job- It will be at the call centre... but I've ALWAYS wanted to work in the AFLAC tower...


We shall see....

Butterflies Are Free

March 16th
I Am pleased to announce that my email address at AOL.com is BACK! :) And is my primary! :)


Thanks! :)
Butterflies Are Free

*Survey cause I'm bored* [Friday
March 10th
**transferred from my other journal**

*Taken from Disney-Diana!*

What is your favorite..

gum: I constantly switch gum. Ice Breakers, Orbit, Watermelon Extra
restaurant: El Carizzo
drink: Coca-Cola Zero, Wild Grape Smirnoff
season: Winter/Spring
type of weather: sunny and mild, or sunny and warm, but not too hot!
emotion: whimsical - The moments where your heart skips a beat.
thing to do on a half day: hang out with friends.
late-night activity: Riding around w/ the homies discussing our lives or lack thereof. Hanging out w/ my friends late at night is a must-- because we all work long shifts and when we're all tired the laughs just KEEP ON rolling in!
sport: Basketball
city: Lake Buena Vista, Florida/ Colorado Springs, Colorado
store: Bath and Body Works/Starbucks...

When was the last time you..

cried: about a week and some change
played a sport: on a team? 9th grade.
laughed: LAST NIGHT
hugged someone: Austin C. on Tuesday.
kissed someone: Austin C. on Tuesday.
felt depressed: a week and some change.
felt elated: Tuesday
felt overworked: about a week or so
faked sick: two/three months ago?
lied: I don't lie often.

What was the last..

word you said: morning - to the 'rents.
thing you ate: nothing today- hamburger last night.
song you listened to: Live Like You Were Dying- Tim McGraw before that Rodeo by Garth Brooks
thing you drank: Coffee
place you went to: Veronikey's House
movie you saw: Started to watch 'Proof' but fell asleep and it got taken back to BlockBuster
movie you rented: 'rents rented 'Proof'
concert you attended: OFF KILTER at EPCOT!

Who was the last person you..

hugged: Austin
cried over: Nic
kissed: Austin
danced with: Veronica and Stephanie acting a fool!
shared a secret with: Austin/Veronica
had a sleepover with: Dude- I'm 21- we don't have sleepovers! We have party-all-nights with our friends! There is no sleeping until at LEAST 4/5 am!
called: Veronica
went to a movie with: my mom
saw: veronica
were angry with: nic
couldn't take your eyes off of: Austin- but I had to... because he is going to be deployed =( *cries inside*
obsessed over: I try not to do that...

Have you ever..

danced in the rain: no.
kissed someone: Si.
done drugs: nope no, never.
drank alcohol: YES!
partied 'til the sun came up: YES!
had a movie marathon: YES!
gone too far on a dare: No, never.
spun until you were immensely dizzy: Yeah, when I was little. I used to all the time. LOL!
taken a survey quite like this before: TOOOOOO many-- but they pass the time away.
Butterflies Are Free

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